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Election Results 2024 Pakistan Polls & Party Position

The polls for election 2024 in Pakistan will be placed on 8th February 2024. There are 107 political parties participating in elections 2024. People of Pakistan are taking very keen interest in Siasat and willing to view election result 2024 earliest. Here you can see list of all political parties along with their symbols and candidates, which are participating in National Assembly ( NA ), and Provincial Assembly ( PA ) in these elections 2024 Pakistan

As per reports, top three parties in these elections 2024 will be PTI (as independent candidates), PMLN and PPP. Here are will be able to view all the election results 2024 not only from your local provincial and national assembly constituency but also from national and provincial assembly constituencies of all provinces of Pakistan including Punjab, Sindh, KPK, Balochistan etc.

Election Results 2024 in Pakistan

ELECTION RESULT 2024 View All Results 2024

ELECTION RESULT 2024 View All Results 2024

 Party Symbol NA PP PS PK PB
 Results   259/265 296/296 129/130 115/118 50/51
Independant (PTI) 93 116 11 84 0
Independant 9 22 3 8 5
PML N 75 138 0 5 10
PPPP 54 10 83 4 11
MQM Pakistan 17 0 28 0 0
JUI (F) 4 0 0 7 11
PML 3 7 0 0 0
BNP 2 0 0 0 1
IPP 2 1 0 0 0
BAP 1 0 0 0 4
NP 1 0 0 0 3
PNAP 1 0 0 0 0
PKMAP 1 0 0 0 0
MWM 1 0 0 0 0
PML Z 1 1 0 0 0
ANP 0 0 0 1 2
TLP 0 1 0 0 0
GDA 0 0 3 0 0
JIP 0 0 2 2 1
BNP A 0 0 0 0 1
HDTP 0 0 0 0 1
PRHP 0 0 0 0 1
PTIP 0 0 0 2 0

Election Results 2024
National Assembly Election Results 2024 Winners
Serial Candidate Name Party Name Party Symbol Votes
NA-1 Abdul Latif IND-PTI  Bottle 61834
NA-2 Amjad Ali Khan IND-PTI  Kettle 88938
NA-3 Saleem Rahman IND-PTI  Tongs 81411
NA-4 Suhail Sultan IND-PTI  Goat 88009
NA-5 Sahibzada Sibghat Ullah IND-PTI  Bowl 90261
NA-6 Muhammad Bashir Khan IND-PTI  Cricket Stumps 81060
NA-7 Mehboob Shah IND-PTI  Clock 84843
NA-9 Junaid Akbar IND-PTI  Racket 113513
NA-10 Gohar Ali Khan IND-PTI  Teapot 110023
NA-11 Amir Muqam PML N  Tiger 59863
NA-12 Muhammad Idrees Ind  Lotus 26583
NA-13 Muhammad Nawaz Khan IND-PTI  Sheep 32164
NA-14 Sardar Muhammad Yousaf Zaman PML N  Tiger 115544
NA-15 Shahzada Muhammad Gustasif Khan IND-PTI  Sickle 105249
NA-16 Ali Asghar Khan IND-PTI  Bowl 104993
NA-17 Ali Khan Jadoon IND-PTI  Kettle 97177
NA-18 Omar Ayub Khan IND-PTI  Laptop 192948
NA-19 Asad Qaiser IND-PTI  Wheel Chair 115635
NA-20 Sheram Khan IND-PTI  Dove 122965
NA-21 Mujahid Ali IND-PTI  Dove 118049
NA-22 Muhammad Atif IND-PTI  Sickle 114748
NA-23 Ali Muhammad IND-PTI  Dolphin 102175
NA-24 Anwar Taj IND-PTI  Teapot 89801
NA-25 Fazal Muhammad Khan IND-PTI  Pomegranate 100713
NA-26 Sajid Khan son of Sultan Ind  Aeroplane 41489
NA-27 Muhammad Iqbal Khan IND-PTI  Bowl 85514
NA-28 Noor Alam Khan JUI F  Book 138389
NA-29 Arbab Amir Ayub IND-PTI  Bowl 68792
NA-30 Shandana Gulzar Khan IND-PTI  Bowl 78971
NA-31 Sher Ali Arbab IND-PTI  Traffic Signal 82985
NA-32 Asif Khan Son of Ghulam Jan Ind  Wheel Barrow 122792
NA-33 Syed Shah Ahad Ali Shah IND-PTI  Printer 93429
NA-34 Zulfiqar Ali IND-PTI  Clock 95692
NA-35 Shehryar Afridi IND-PTI  Bottle 128491
NA-36 Yousaf Khan IND-PTI  Bee 73076
NA-37 Hameed Hussain MWMP  Tent 58650
NA-38 Shahid Ahmad IND-PTI  Saxophone 118056
NA-39 Nasim Ali Shah IND-PTI  Dove 147087
NA-40 Musbah Ud Din son of Ahmad Ud Din JUI F  Book 42994
NA-41 Sher Afzal Khan IND-PTI  Flamingo 117988
NA-42 Zubair Khan IND-PTI  Computer 20022
NA-43 Dawar Khan Kundi IND-PTI  Wheel Chair 63556
NA-44 Ali Amin Khan IND-PTI  Queen 93443
NA-45 Fateh Ullah Khan PPPP  Arrow 56933
NA-46 Anjum Aqeel Khan PML N  Tiger 81958
NA-47 Tariq Fazal Chaudhary PML N  Tiger 102502
NA-48 Raja Khurram Shahzad Nawaz Ind  Pomegranate 69699
NA-49 Sheikh Aftab Ahmed PML N  Tiger 119727
NA-50 Malik Sohail Khan PML N  Tiger 119075
NA-51 Raja Osama Sarwar PML N  Tiger 149250
NA-52 Raja Pervaiz Ashraf PPPP  Arrow 112265
NA-53 Raja Qamar Ul Islam PML N  Tiger 72006
NA-54 Aqeel Malik Ind  Clock 85912
NA-55 Ibrar Ahmad PML N  Tiger 78542
NA-56 Muhammad Hanif Abbasi PML N  Tiger 96649
NA-57 Danyal Chaudhary PML N  Tiger 83331
NA-58 Tahir Iqbal PML N  Tiger 115974
NA-59 Sardar Ghulam Abbas PML N  Tiger 141680
NA-60 Bilal Azhar Kayani PML N  Tiger 99948
NA-61 Chaudhary Farukh Altaf PML N  Tiger 88238
NA-62 Mohammad Ilyas Choudhary IND-PTI  Charpai 97436
NA-63 Hussain Elahi PML  Tractor 88069
NA-64 Chaudhry Salik Hussain PML  Tractor 105205
NA-65 Chaudhry Naseer Ahmed Abbas PML N  Tiger 90982
NA-66 Mohammad Ahmed Chattha IND-PTI  Bowl 160676
NA-67 Aniqa Mehdi IND-PTI  Radio 208943
NA-68 Haji Imtiaz Ahmed Choudhry Ind  Aeroplane 166093
NA-69 Nasir Iqbal Bosal PML N  Tiger 113285
NA-70 Chaudhry Armghan Subhani PML N  Tiger 123437
NA-71 Khawaja Muhammad Asif PML N  Tiger 118566
NA-72 Ali Zahid PML N  Tiger 110190
NA-73 Nosheen Iftikhar PML N  Tiger 112143
NA-74 Muhammad Aslam Ghuman IND-PTI  Brinjal 130504
NA-75 Anwar Ul Haq Chaudhary PML N  Tiger 99625
NA-76 Ahsan Iqbal Chaudhary PML N  Tiger 136279
NA-77 Chaudhary Mahmood Bashir Virk PML N  Tiger 106451
NA-78 Muhammad Mobeen Arif IND-PTI  Radio 106169
NA-79 Ihsan Ullah Virk IND-PTI  Bowl 104023
NA-80 Shahid Usman PML N  Tiger 98160
NA-81 Ch Bilal Ejaz IND-PTI  Plug 117717
NA-82 Mukhtar Ahmad Malik PML N  Tiger 108714
NA-83 Usama Ahmed Mela IND-PTI  Bowl 136566
NA-84 Shafqat Abbas Ind  Door 101944
NA-85 Zulfiqar Ali Bhatti PML N  Tiger 121001
NA-86 Muhammad Miqdad Ali Khan IND-PTI  Racket 105868
NA-87 Malik Shakir Bashir Awan PML N  Tiger 117773
NA-88 Muhammad Moazzam Sher Ind  Hukkah 67800
NA-89 Muhammad Jamal Ahsan Khan IND-PTI  Bottle 217427
NA-90 Umair Khan Niazi IND-PTI  Door 179820
NA-91 M Sana Ullah Khan Mastikhel IND-PTI  Letter Box 106003
NA-92 Rashid Akbar Khan Ind  Hukkah 142761
NA-93 Ghulam Muhammad IND-PTI  Bottle 94355
NA-94 Qaiser Ahmed Sheikh PML N  Tiger 79564
NA-95 Ali Afzal Sahi IND-PTI  Water Cooler 144761
NA-96 Rai Haidar Kharal IND-PTI  Radio 134485
NA-97 Muhammad Saad Ullah Ind  Sofa 72614
NA-98 Ch Muhammad Shahbaz Babar PML N  Tiger 119443
NA-99 Umar Farooq IND-PTI  Pressure Cooker 120686
NA-100 Nisar Ahmad IND-PTI  Peacock 131941
NA-101 Rana Atif IND-PTI  Bottle 134840
NA-102 Changaze Ahmad Khan IND-PTI  Shuttle Cock 132526
NA-103 Muhammad Ali Sarfraz IND-PTI  Shuttle Cock 147734
NA-104 Sahibzada Muhammad Hamid Raza Ind  Tower 128687
NA-105 Usama Hamza IND-PTI  Clock 138194
NA-106 M Junaid Anwar Chaudhy PML N  Tiger 137629
NA-107 Muhammad Riaz Khan Ind  Study Table With Chair 128870
NA-108 Muhammad Mahbob Sultan Ind  Charpai 169578
NA-109 Waqas Akram IND-PTI  Charpai 176586
NA-110 Muhammad Ameer Sultan IND-PTI  Cricket Stumps 199590
NA-111 Muhammad Arshad Sahi IND-PTI  Charpai 113709
NA-112 Shezra Mansab Ali Khan Kharal PML N  Tiger 105646
NA-113 Ahmad Atteeq Anwer PML N  Tiger 119407
NA-114 Rana Tanveer Hussain PML N  Tiger 100039
NA-115 Khurram Shahzad Virk IND-PTI  Dhol 130255
NA-116 Khurram Munawar Manj IND-PTI  Pressure Cooker 134959
NA-117 Abdul Aleem Khan IPP  Eagle 91489
NA-118 Muhammad Hamza Shehbaz Sharif PML N  Tiger 105960
NA-119 Maryam Nawaz Sharif PML N  Tiger 83855
NA-120 Sardar Ayaz Sadiq PML N  Tiger 68143
NA-121 Waseem Qadir IND-PTI  Cricket Stumps 78703
NA-122 Sardar Muhammad Latif Khosa IND-PTI  Alphabet K 117109
NA-123 Mian Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif PML N  Tiger 63953
NA-124 Rana Mubashir Iqbal PML N  Tiger 55387
NA-125 Muhammad Afzal PML N  Tiger 65102
NA-126 Malik Saif Ul Malook Khokhar PML N  Tiger 67117
NA-127 Attaullah Tarar PML N  Tiger 98210
NA-128 Muhammad Awn Saqlain IPP  Eagle 172576
NA-129 Mian Muhammad Azhar IND-PTI  Cricket Stumps 103718
NA-130 Muhammad Nawaz Sharif PML N  Tiger 179310
NA-131 Saad Waseem PML N  Tiger 108714
NA-132 Mian Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif PML N  Tiger 137231
NA-133 Azam Uddin Zahid Ind  Bowl 130696
NA-134 Rana Muhammad Hayat Khan PML N  Tiger 141841
NA-135 Nadeem Abbas PML N  Tiger 129218
NA-136 Riaz Ul Haq PML N  Tiger 127764
NA-137 Rao Muhammad Ajmal Khan PML N  Tiger 105381
NA-138 Muhammad Mueen Watto PML N  Tiger 122678
NA-139 Ahmad Raza Maneka PML N  Tiger 121383
NA-140 Rana Iradat Sharif PML N  Tiger 139322
NA-141 Rana Amir Shahzad Tahir IND-PTI  Bowl 107056
NA-142 Usman Ali IND-PTI  Peacock 107496
NA-143 Rai Hassan Nawaz Khan IND-PTI  Mic 147147
NA-144 Muhammad Raza Hayat Harraj Ind  Hukkah 118999
NA-145 Muhammad Khan Dasha PML N  Tiger 102911
NA-146 Zahoor Hussain Qureshi Ind  Hukkah 112666
NA-147 Choudhary Iftikhar Nazir PML N  Tiger 107708
NA-148 Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani PPPP  Arrow 67326
NA-149 Malik Muhammad Aamir Dogar Ind  Clock 143613
NA-150 Mukhdoom Zain Hussian Qureshi IND-PTI  Shoes 126770
NA-151 Syed Ali Musa Gilani PPPP  Arrow 79080
NA-152 Syed Abdul Qadir Gilani PPPP  Arrow 96998
NA-153 Rana Muhammad Qasim Noon PML N  Tiger 95114
NA-154 Rana Muhammad Faraz Noon IND-PTI  Dolphin 134937
NA-155 Khan Muhammad Saddique Khan Balooch PML N  Tiger 117671
NA-156 Ayesha Nazir IND-PTI  Bowl 119820
NA-157 Sajid Mehdi PML N  Tiger 99332
NA-158 Begum Tehmina Daultana PML N  Tiger 111196
NA-159 Aurangzeb Khan Khichi IND-PTI  Hukkah 116198
NA-160 Muhammad Abdul Ghaffar Watto PML N  Tiger 118116
NA-161 Alam Dad Laleka PML N  Tiger 100649
NA-162 Ehsan Ul Haq Bajwa PML N  Tiger 114284
NA-163 Muhammad Ijaz Ul Haq PML Z  Helicopter 84312
NA-164 Mian Riaz Hussain Pirzada PML N  Tiger 123360
NA-165 Chaudhry Tariq Bashir Chaeema PML  Tractor 116554
NA-167 Muhammad Usman Awaisi PML N  Tiger 88503
NA-168 Malik Muhammad Iqbal PML N  Tiger 124529
NA-169 Syed Murtaza Mahmud PPPP  Arrow 80421
NA-170 Mian Ghous Muhammad IND-PTI  Hukkah 113684
NA-171 Mumtaz Mustafa IND-PTI  Laptop 103832
NA-172 Javaid Iqbal IND-PTI  Shoes 129307
NA-173 Syed Mustafa Mehmood PPPP  Arrow 83120
NA-174 Muhammad Azhar Khan Leghari PML N  Tiger 78680
NA-175 Jamshaid Ahmad IND-PTI  Harmonium 113253
NA-176 Nawabzada Iftakhar Ahmad Khan Babar PPPP  Arrow 53801
NA-177 Muhammad Moazzam Ali Khan IND-PTI  Hukkah 113892
NA-178 Aamir Talal Khan PML N  Tiger 113816
NA-179 Muhammad Shabbir Ali Qureshi IND-PTI  Charpai 83740
NA-180 Faiz Hussain IND-PTI  Racket 96220
NA-181 Umber Majeed IND-PTI  Duck 120499
NA-182 Awais Haider jakhar IND-PTI  Aeroplane 141869
NA-183 Muhammad Amjad Farooq Khan Khosa PML N  Tiger 87203
NA-184 Ali Muhammad Ind  Cricket Stumps 109796
NA-185 Zartaj Gul IND-PTI  Bench 94881
NA-186 Sardar Awais Ahmad Khan Leghari PML N  Tiger 99870
NA-187 Muhammad Atif Ali Drishak IND-PTI  Spoon 67284
NA-188 Hafeez Ur Rahman Khan Drishak PML N  Tiger 85936
NA-189 Shamsher Ali Mazari Ind  Hukkah 83074
NA-190 Aijaz Hussain Jakhrani PPPP  Arrow 126169
NA-191 Ali Jan Mazari PPPP  Arrow 103962
NA-192 Mir Shabbir Ali Bijarani PPPP  Arrow 125197
NA-193 Muhammad Shahryar Khan Mahar PPPP  Arrow 131082
NA-194 Bilawal Bhutto Zardari PPPP  Arrow 135112
NA-195 Nazir Ahmed Bhugio PPPP  Arrow 133830
NA-196 Bilawal Bhutto Zardari PPPP  Arrow 85370
NA-197 Mir Amir Ali Khan Magsi PPPP  Arrow 88130
NA-198 Khalid Ahmed Khan Lund PPPP  Arrow 120259
NA-199 Ali Gohar Khan Mahar PPPP  Arrow 154832
NA-200 Nauman Islam Shaikh PPPP  Arrow 97088
NA-201 Syed Khursheed Ahmed Shah PPPP  Arrow 120219
NA-202 Nafisa Shah PPPP  Arrow 146083
NA-203 Pir Syed Fazal Ali Shah Jillani PPPP  Arrow 128830
NA-204 Syed Javed Ali Shah Jillani PPPP  Arrow 112249
NA-205 Syed Abrar Ali Shah PPPP  Arrow 122675
NA-206 Zulfiqar Ali Behan PPPP  Arrow 135147
NA-207 Asif Ali Zardari PPPP  Arrow 146989
NA-208 Syed Ghulam Mustafa Shah PPPP  Arrow 125656
NA-209 Shazia Jannat Marri PPPP  Arrow 156002
NA-210 Salahuddin Junejo PPPP  Arrow 150195
NA-211 Pir Aftab Hussain Shah Jilani PPPP  Arrow 85512
NA-212 Mir Munawar Ali Talpur PPPP  Arrow 121972
NA-213 Nawab Muhammad Yousuf Talpur PPPP  Arrow 175162
NA-214 Pir Ameer Ali Shah Jeelani PPPP  Arrow 129992
NA-215 Mahesh Kumar Malani PPPP  Arrow 132061
NA-216 Makhdoom Jamil Uz Zaman PPPP  Arrow 124536
NA-217 Zulfiqar Bachani PPPP  Arrow 119530
NA-218 Syed Hussain Tariq PPPP  Arrow 108597
NA-219 Husnain Rashid PML N  Tiger 1576
NA-220 Syed Waseem Hussain MQM Pakistan  Kite 64531
NA-221 Syed Naveed Qamar PPPP  Arrow 110892
NA-222 Mir Ghulam Ali Talpur PPPP  Arrow 113916
NA-223 Haji Rasool bushksh PPPP  Arrow 115681
NA-224 Syed Ayaz Ali Shah Sheerazi PPPP  Arrow 134006
NA-225 Sadiq Ali Memon PPPP  Arrow 140773
NA-226 Malik Asad Sikandar PPPP  Arrow 165044
NA-227 Ifran Ali Leghari PPPP  Arrow 104013
NA-228 Rafiq Ahmed Jamali PPPP  Arrow 98451
NA-229 Jam Abdul Karim Bijar PPPP  Arrow 55732
NA-230 Syed Rafi Ullah PPPP  Arrow 32099
NA-231 Abdul Hakeem Baloch PPPP  Arrow 43634
NA-232 Aasia Ishaque Siddiqui MQM Pakistan  Kite 84592
NA-233 Muhammad Jawad Hanif Khan MQM Pakistan  Kite 103967
NA-234 Gulab Khan SQM  Gate 43774
NA-235 Muhammad Iqbal Khan MQM Pakistan  Kite 20185
NA-236 Hassan Sabir MQM Pakistan  Kite 38871
NA-237 Zahoor Ud Din IND-PTI  Bed 33321
NA-238 Sadiq Iftikhar MQM Pakistan  Kite 54884
NA-239 Muhammad Yasir IND-PTI  Dhol 37234
NA-240 Arshad Abdullah Vohra MQM Pakistan  Kite 30573
NA-241 Mirza Ikhtiar Baig PPPP  Arrow 52456
NA-242 Syed Mustafa Kamal MQM Pakistan  Kite 71767
NA-243 Abdul Qadir Patel PPPP  Arrow 60266
NA-244 Muhammad Farooq Sattar MQM Pakistan  Kite 20048
NA-245 Syed Hafeezuddin MQM Pakistan  Kite 57356
NA-246 SYED AMIN UL HAQ MQM Pakistan  Kite 74672
NA-247 Khawaja Izhar Ul Hassan MQM Pakistan  Kite 65050
NA-248 Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui MQM Pakistan  Kite 103082
NA-249 Ahmed Saleem Siddiqui MQM Pakistan  Kite 77529
NA-250 Farhan Chishti MQM Pakistan  Kite 79925
NA-251 Khushal Khan Kakar PNAP  Bunch Of Grapes 45712
NA-252 Sardar Babar Khan Musakhel IND-PTI  Kettle 52992
NA-253 Milan Khan Ind  Goat 46683
NA-255 Mir Khan Muhammad Jamali PML N  Tiger 45540
NA-256 Muhammad Akhtar Mengal BNP  Axe 65818
NA-257 Jam Kamal Khan PML N  Tiger 77745
NA-258 Pullain NP  Saw 22261
NA-259 Malik Shah PPPP  Arrow 40778
NA-260 Muhammad Usman Badini JUI F  Book 42670
NA-261 Muhammad Akhtar Mengal BNP  Axe 27331
NA-262 Adil Khan Bazai Ind  Clock 20273
NA-263 Haji Jamal Shah Kakar PML N  Tiger 27168
NA-264 Nawabzada Mir Jamal Khan Raisani PPPP  Arrow 10678
NA-265 Fazl Ur Rahman JUI F  Book 52429
NA-266 Mehmood Khan Achakzai PMAP  Tree 67208
NA-254 Khalid Hussain Magsi BAP  Cow 79304
Punjab Assembly Election Results 2024 Winners
Serial Candidate Name Party Name Party Symbol Votes
PP-01 Qazi Ahmed Akbar IND-PTI  Plug 49257
PP-02 Sardar Mohammad Ali Khan IND-PTI  Parachute 36093
PP-03 Syed Ijaz Hussain Bukhari IND-PTI  Fridge 36897
PP-04 Sher Ali Khan PML N  Tiger 48593
PP-05 Malik Aitbar Khan PML N  Tiger 46665
PP-06 Muhammad Bilal Yamin PML N  Tiger 65056
PP-07 Muhammad Shabbir Awan IND-PTI  Drill Machine 72898
PP-08 Javed Kausar IND-PTI  Drill Machine 47526
PP-09 Shaukat Raja PML N  Tiger 50560
PP-10 Naeem Ejaz PML N  Tiger 48759
PP-11 Imran Ilyas Chaudhry PML N  Tiger 27657
PP-12 Mohsin Ayub Khan PML N  Tiger 41338
PP-13 Malik Fahad Masood IND-PTI  Medal 56723
PP-14 Malik Iftikhar Ahmed PML N  Tiger 39557
PP-15 Malik Mansoor Afsar PML N  Tiger 62163
PP-16 Zia Ullah Shah PML N  Tiger 45478
PP-17 Abdul Hanif PML N  Tiger 45677
PP-18 Asad Abbas IND-PTI  Study Table With Chair 46295
PP-19 Muhammad Tanveer Aslam IND-PTI  Mobile Charger 43987
PP-20 Sultan Haider Ali Khan PML N  Tiger 52450
PP-21 Tanveer Aslam Malik PML N  Tiger 83055
PP-22 Sardar Ghulam Abbas PML N  Tiger 61714
PP-23 Shehryar Malik PML N  Tiger 86120
PP-24 Syed Riffat Mehmood IND-PTI  Water Cooler 55029
PP-25 Yasir Mehmood Qureshi IND-PTI  Medal 67391
PP-26 Mushtaq Ahmed IND-PTI  Aeroplane 60181
PP-27 Nouman Ashraf Ch Ind  Bowl 30306
PP-28 Shahid Raza IND-PTI  Charpai 48271
PP-29 Khalid Javed Asghar Ghurai PML  Tractor 46795
PP-30 Muhammad Abdullah Waraich PML  Tractor 39514
PP-31 Shafay Hussain PML  Tractor 64132
PP-32 Chaudhry Salik Hussain PML  Tractor 55615
PP-33 Syed Madad Ali Shah PML  Tractor 35351
PP-34 Chaudhry Ijaz Ahmad PML  Tractor 46774
PP-35 Waqar Ahmad Cheema PML N  Tiger 60962
PP-36 Mohammad Ahmed Chattha IND-PTI  Clock 87549
PP-37 Mian Shahid Hussain Khan PML N  Tiger 59853
PP-38 Zameer Ul Hassan Bhatti IND-PTI  Trowel 52213
PP-39 Muhammad Aoun Jahangir PML N  Tiger 41866
PP-40 Zarnab Sher IND-PTI  Pressure Cooker 74460
PP-41 Baasima Chaudhry IND-PTI  Pressure Cooker 70159
PP-42 Khalid Mahmood Ranjha PML N  Tiger 39767
PP-43 Ch Akhtar Abbas Bosal PML N  Tiger 45566
PP-44 Arif Iqbal PML N  Tiger 47137
PP-45Sialkot-II Tariq Subhani PML N  Tiger 63651
PP-46 Faisal Akram PML N  Tiger 55254
PP-47 Khawaja Muhammad Mansha Ullah Butt PML N  Tiger 50602
PP-48 Khurram Khan Virk Ind  Hukkah 47340
PP-49 Muhammad Fiaz Ind  Peacock 48219
PP-50 Chaudhry Naveed Ashraf PML N  Tiger 45627
PP-51 Zeeshan Rafique PML N  Tiger 49538
PP-52 Choudhry Arshad Javaid Warraich PML N  Tiger 58385
PP-53 Rana Abdul Sattar PML N  Tiger 59307
PP-54 Ahsan Iqbal Chaudhary PML N  Tiger 33243
PP-55 Mehmood Ahmed TLP  Crane 33793
PP-56 Mannan Khan PML N  Tiger 48889
PP-57 Khawaja Mohammad Waseem PML N  Tiger 52686
PP-58 Bilal Akbar Khan PML N  Tiger 55396
PP-59 Muhammad Nasir Cheema IND-PTI  Round Table 37478
PP-60 Kaleem Ullah Khan IND-PTI  Cake 36746
PP-61 Imran Khalid Butt PML N  Tiger 34639
PP-62 Muhammad Nawaz PML N  Tiger 30596
PP-63 Chaudhry Muhammad Tariq IND-PTI  Pressure Cooker 51181
PP-64 Umar Farooq Dar PML N  Tiger 37115
PP-65 Hassan Ali IND-PTI  Bowl 36499
PP-66 Qaiser Iqbal PML N  Tiger 49931
PP-67 Akhtar Ali Khan PML N  Tiger 39320
PP-68 Muhammad Arqam Khan IND-PTI  Racket 43615
PP-69 Irfan Bashir PML N  Tiger 47902
PP-70 Tashakul Abbas Warraich IND-PTI  Cricket Stumps 37709
PP-71 Sohaib Ahmed Malik PML N  Tiger 55050
PP-72 Mansoor Azam PML N  Tiger 50408
PP-73 Muhammad Ansar Iqbal IND-PTI  Bowl 58178
PP-74 Ikram Ul Haq PML N  Tiger 51650
PP-75 Ali Asif IND-PTI  Lotus 56570
PP-76 Zulfiqar Ali IND-PTI  Radio 36978
PP-77 Safdar Hussain Sahi PML N  Tiger 49638
PP-78 Rana Munawar Hussain PML N  Tiger 60560
PP-79 Taimur Ali Khan PML N  Tiger 42494
PP-80 Sardar Muhammad Asim Sher Maken PML N  Tiger 38332
PP-81 Hassan Malik IND-PTI  Iron Stand 46983
PP-82 Muhammad Asif Malik PML N  Tiger 41575
PP-83 Ali Hussain Khan PML N  Tiger 47932
PP-84 Fateh Khaliq IND-PTI  Aeroplane 49820
PP-85 Muhammad Iqbal IND-PTI  Cricket Stumps 92407
PP-86 Amin Ullah Khan IND-PTI  Sofa 85318
PP-87 Ahmad Khan IND-PTI  Pressure Cooker 107202
PP-88 Mumtaz Ahmed IND-PTI  Teapot 67485
PP-89 Ameer Muhammad Khan Ind  Bottle 61745
PP-90 Irfan Ullah Khan Niazi IND-PTI  Clock 43957
PP-91 Ghazanfar Abbas Ind  Peacock 62027
PP-92 Muhammad Aamir Inayat Shahani Ind  Hukkah 41084
PP-93 Muhammad Aamir Inayat Ind  Hukkah 50425
PP-94 Taimoor Ali Lali Ind  Peacock 47879
PP-95 Muhammad Ilyas PML N  Tiger 36717
PP-96 Zulfiqar Ali Shah Ind  Hukkah 52721
PP-97 Muhammad Saqib Khan Ind  Hukkah 42959
PP-98 Junaid Afzal Sahi IND-PTI  Water Cooler 73536
PP-99 Ahmad Mujtaba Chaudhary IND-PTI  Water Cooler 55991
PP-100 Umair Wasi Ch IND-PTI  Radio 48298
PP-101 Muhammad Akram Chaudhry IND-PTI  Radio 73097
PP-102 Jaffar Ali Hocha PML N  Tiger 30558
PP-103 Noor Shahid Noor IND-PTI  Dhol 35431
PP-104 Arif Mehmood Gill PML N  Tiger 53866
PP-105 Rao Kashif Rahim Khan PML N  Tiger 58077
PP-106 Ahsan Raza IND-PTI  Cricket Stumps 51892
PP-107 Javed Niaz Manj IND-PTI  Teapot 27609
PP-108 Aftab Ahmad Khan IND-PTI  Tower 60677
PP-109 Ch Zafar Iqbal Nagra PML N  Tiger 54581
PP-110 Hassan Zaka IND-PTI  Shuttle Cock 46819
PP-111 BASHARAT ALI IND-PTI  Hukkah 45575
PP-112 Asad Mehmood IND-PTI  Badge 75538
PP-113 Nadeem Sadiq Dogar IND-PTI  Racket 53677
PP-114 Muhammad Latif Nazar IND-PTI  Radio 58542
PP-115 Shahid Javed IND-PTI  Shuttle Cock 53244
PP-116 Muhammad Ismael IND-PTI  Clock 67016
PP-117 Abdul Razzaq Khan IND-PTI  Shuttle Cock 54170
PP-118 Khayal Ahmed IND-PTI  Shuttle Cock 79303
PP-119 Asad Zaman IND-PTI  Clock 78105
PP-120 Muhammad Ahsan Ihsan IND-PTI  Clock 56490
PP-121 Amjad Ali PML N  Tiger 58432
PP-122 Khawar Ahmad Khan IND-PTI  Bowl 71414
PP-123 Ashifa Riaz IND-PTI  Bowl 51219
PP-124 Sonia IND-PTI  Bowl 62062
PP-125 Sardar Alhaj Ghulam Ahmad Khan Gadi IND-PTI  Charpai 55734
PP-126 Mehar Muhammad Aslam PML N  Tiger 42796
PP-127 Sheikh Muhammad Akram IND-PTI  Study Table With Chair 50232
PP-128 Ghazanfar Abbas Shah IND-PTI  Charpai 62356
PP-129 Mian Muhammad Asif IND-PTI  Cricket Stumps 37235
PP-130 Shahbaz Ahmad IND-PTI  Clock 67618
PP-131 Mian Muhammad Azam Ind  Bench 73201
PP-132 Sultan Bajwa Ind  Hukkah 47743
PP-133 Muhammad Atif IND-PTI  Charpai 45637
PP-134 Mohammad Kashif PML N  Tiger 39503
PP-135 Agha Ali Haider PML N  Tiger 56798
PP-136 Muhammad Hassaam Riaz PML N  Tiger 52682
PP-137 Khurram Ijaz IND-PTI  Kettle 58171
PP-138 Muhammad Ashraf Rasool PML N  Tiger 38604
PP-139 Rana Tanveer Hussain PML N  Tiger 35659
PP-140 Muhammad Awais IND-PTI  Typewriter 51372
PP-141 Tayyab Rashid Ind  Pressure Cooker 61409
PP-142 Waqas Mahmood Maan IND-PTI  Lotus 49492
PP-143 Sher Akbar Khan IND-PTI  Pressure Cooker 52415
PP-144 Muhammad Sarfraz Doger IND-PTI  Pressure Cooker 58413
PP-145 Sami Ullah Khan PML N  Tiger 42578
PP-146 Ghazali Saleem Butt PML N  Tiger 30587
PP-147 Muhammad Hamza Shahbaz Sharif PML N  Tiger 51838
PP-148 Mujtaba Shuja Ur Rehman PML N  Tiger 37998
PP-149 Abdul Aleem Khan IPP  Eagle 51756
PP-150 Khawaja Imran Nazeer PML N  Tiger 34956
PP-151 Sohail Shoukat But PML N  Tiger 38232
PP-152 Malik Muhammad Waheed PML N  Tiger 34664
PP-153 Khawaja Salman Rafique PML N  Tiger 35232
PP-154 Malik Ghulam Habib Awan PML N  Tiger 26014
PP-155 Imtiaz Mehmood IND-PTI  Table Tennis Bat 36717
PP-156 Ali Imtiaz IND-PTI  Alphabet K 54031
PP-157 Hafiz Farhat Abbas IND-PTI  Shuttle Cock 45036
PP-158 Mian Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif PML N  Tiger 38642
PP-159 Maryam Nawaz Sharif PML N  Tiger 23598
PP-160 Malik Asad ALi PML N  Tiger 26781
PP-161 Farrukh Javaid Ind  Brush 46947
PP-162 Shahbaz Ali Khokhar PML N  Tiger 43422
PP-163 Imran Javed PML N  Tiger 23120
PP-164 Mian Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif PML N  Tiger 27099
PP-165 Shahzad Nazir PML N  Tiger 28427
PP-166 Muhammad Anas Mehmood PML N  Tiger 32270
PP-167 Irfan Shafi Khokhar PML N  Tiger 23248
PP-168 Faisal Ayub PML N  Tiger 32727
PP-169 Malik Khalid Pervez Khokhar PML N  Tiger 85018
PP-170 Mian Muhammad Haroon Akbar IND-PTI  Racket 64143
PP-171 Mian Muhammad Aslam Iqbal IND-PTI  Aeroplane 61847
PP-172 Misbah Wajid Ind  Study Table With Chair 31378
PP-173 Marghoob Ahmad PML N  Tiger 63236
PP-174 Bilal Yasin PML N  Tiger 36265
PP-175 Rashid Tufail IND-PTI  Cricket Stumps 44932
PP-176 Chaudhary Muhammad Ilyas Khan PML N  Tiger 48328
PP-177 Muhammad Naeem Safdar PML N  Tiger 45633
PP-178 Malik Ahmad Saeed Khan PML N  Tiger 53090
PP-179 Sardar Nadir Farook Ali IND-PTI  Cricket Stumps 47648
PP-180 Waqas Hasan Mokal Ind  Hukkah 21650
PP-181 Humble Sanaa Kareemi IND-PTI  Bowl 49551
PP-182 Mahmood Anwar PML N  Tiger 32326
PP-183 Rana Sikandar Hayat PML N  Tiger 51422
PP-184 Rana Muhammad Iqbal Khan PML N  Tiger 44365
PP-185 Javed Allo-ud-Din Sajid PML N  Tiger 51956
PP-186 Syed M Ashiq Hussain Shah PML N  Tiger 43236
PP-187 Chaudhry Iftikhar Hussain Chhachhar PML N  Tiger 60657
PP-188 Noorulamin Wattoo PML N  Tiger 56596
PP-189 Ali Abbas PML N  Tiger 40467
PP-190 Mian Yawar Zaman PML N  Tiger 63899
PP-191 Mian Muhammad Munir PML N  Tiger 45719
PP-192 Ghulam Raza PML N  Tiger 64174
PP-193 Farooq Ahmad Khan Menaka PML N  Tiger 40172
PP-194 Chaudhry Javed Ahmad PML N  Tiger 38584
PP-195 Imran Akram Ind  Hukkah 51083
PP-196 Farrukh Javed PML N  Tiger 55470
PP-197 Sardar Mansab Ali Dogar PML N  Tiger 48713
PP-198 Walayat Shah PML N  Tiger 46091
PP-199 Qasim Nadeem PML N  Tiger 46255
PP-200 Muhammad Arshad Malik PML N  Tiger 48871
PP-201 Naveed Aslam Khan Lodhi PML N  Tiger 40885
PP-202 Rana Riaz Ahmad PML N  Tiger 40477
PP-203 Rai Muhammad Murtaza Iqbal IND-PTI  Mic 55874
PP-204 Muhammad Ghulam Sarwar IND-PTI  Mic 60438
PP-205 Muhammad Akbar Hayat Haraj Ind  Hukkah 63128
PP-206 Usama Fazal PML N  Tiger 46789
PP-207 Amir Hayat Hiraj PML N  Tiger 59868
PP-208 Babar Hussain Abid PML N  Tiger 48494
PP-209 Chaudhry Zia Ur Rehman PML N  Tiger 55579
PP-210 Khalid Javed Ind  Hukkah 54456
PP-211 Rana Muhammad Saleem PML N  Tiger 53727
PP-212 Muhammad Asghar Hayat Hiraj Ind  Hukkah 42305
PP-213 Syed Ali Haider Gillani PPPP  Arrow 42404
PP-214 Nawabzadah Waseen Khan Badozai IND-PTI  Clock 44943
PP-215 Muhammad Moeen Ud Din Riaz IND-PTI  Clock 67023
PP-216 Muhammad Adnan Dogar IND-PTI  Clock 59280
PP-217 Muhammad Nadeem Qureshi Ind  Clock 62204
PP-218 Muhammad Salman PML N  Tiger 45914
PP-219 Malik Wasif Muzhar PPPP  Arrow 43157
PP-220 Muhammad Iqbal PPPP  Arrow 42433
PP-221 Mian Kamran Muhammad Abdullah PPPP  Arrow 43117
PP-222 Rana Tahir Shabbir PPPP  Arrow 28702
PP-223 Muhammad Nazik Kareem PML N  Tiger 36497
PP-225 Shazia Hayat IND-PTI  Dolphin 69799
PP-226 Razi Ullah Khan IND-PTI  Dolphin 65434
PP-227 Muhammad Zubair Khan PML N  Tiger 55324
PP-228 Izzat Javaid Khan IND-PTI  Peacock 62431
PP-229 Muhammad Yousaf PML N  Tiger 49869
PP-230 Salman Shahid IND-PTI  Cricket Stumps 44950
PP-231 Khalid Zubair Nisar IND-PTI  Cricket Stumps 50960
PP-232 Malik Nosher Khan Anjum Langrial PML N  Tiger 33151
PP-233 Muhammad Saqib Khursheed PML N  Tiger 54816
PP-234 Muhammad Naeem Akhtar Khan PML N  Tiger 43908
PP-235 Mian Khaliq Nawaz PML N  Tiger 39525
PP-236 Muhammad Ali Raza Khan Khakwani IND-PTI  Hukkah 61415
PP-237 Fida Hussain PML N  Tiger 68681
PP-238 Inam Bari Ind  Hukkah 54500
PP-239 Muhammad Atif Aurangzeb IND-PTI  Drum 40333
PP-240 Muhammad Sohail Khan Zahid Ind  Bowl 42094
PP-241 Ghulam Murtaza PML Z  Helicopter 58399
PP-242 Kashif Naveed IND-PTI  Flamingo 52557
PP-243 Zahid Akram PML N  Tiger 48555
PP-244 Suryia Sultana IND-PTI  Bed 50625
PP-245 Muhammad Kazim Pirzada PML N  Tiger 54223
PP-246 Farzana Khalil IND-PTI  Water Cooler 68699
PP-247 Khalid Mahmood Jajja PML N  Tiger 61116
PP-248 Hassan Askari Sheikh PML  Tractor 53721
PP-249 Sahibzada Muhammad Gazain Abbasi Ind  Hukkah 42484
PP-250 Syed Amir Ali Shah PPPP  Arrow 26260
PP-251 Malik Khalid Mahmood Babar PML N  Tiger 43551
PP-252 MIan Muhammad Shoaib Awaisi PML N  Tiger 41290
PP-253 Zaheer Iqbal PML N  Tiger 45607
PP-254 Rana Muhammad Tariq Khan PML N  Tiger 55467
PP-255 Ghazanfar Ali Khan PPPP  Arrow 42996
PP-256 Qazi Ahmad Saeed PPPP  Arrow 28466
PP-257 Mehmood Ahmad PML N  Tiger 39736
PP-258 Chaudhry Muhammad Ejaz Shafi IND-PTI  Hukkah 65932
PP-259 Faisal Jamil IND-PTI  Hukkah 53018
PP-260 Saima Kanwal Ind  Hukkah 54980
PP-261 Jam Aman Ullah Ind  Still Camera 42429
PP-262 Asif Majeed IND-PTI  Bowl 54786
PP-263 Muhammad Naeem IND-PTI  Bowl 61401
PP-264 Sardar Habib Ur Rehman Khan PPPP  Arrow 44288
PP-265 Sajjad Ahmad IND-PTI  Bowl 52817
PP-267 Rais Nabeel Ahmed PPPP  Arrow 46483
PP-268 Muhammad Ajmal Khan PML N  Tiger 27747
PP-269 Mian Alamdar Abbas Qureshi PPPP  Arrow 34588
PP-270 Muhammad Zahid Ismail Ind  Still Camera 28258
PP-271 Muhammad Aoun Hameed PML N  Tiger 29200
PP-272 Rana Abdul Mannan Sajid IND-PTI  Bottle 33453
PP-273 Muhammad Dawood Khan IND-PTI  Bowl 54664
PP-274 Muhammad Sibtain Raza PML N  Tiger 44560
PP-275 Muhammad Nawab Khan Gopang PML N  Tiger 57930
PP-276 Rana Aourang Zaib IND-PTI  Charpai 47164
PP-277 Nadia Khar IND-PTI  Cricket Stumps 55147
PP-278 Muhammad Ahsan Ali IND-PTI  Hukkah 60500
PP-279 Muhammad Athar Maqbool IND-PTI  Kettle 54423
PP-280 Shahab Ud Din Khan Ind  Kettle 39057
PP-281 Shuaib Ameer Ind  Hukkah 38353
PP-282 Usama Asghar Ali Gujjar IND-PTI  Bottle 53887
PP-283 Ghulam Asghar Khan Ind  Clock 56985
PP-284 Muhammad Tahir Ind  Clock 52574
PP-285 Khawaja Salah Ud DIn IND-PTI  Tricycle 31817
PP-286 Salah Ud Din Khan PML N  Tiger 37513
PP-287 Usama Leghari PML N  Tiger 60033
PP-288 Muhammad Hanif Ind  Hukkah 41657
PP-289 Mehmood Qadir Khan Ind  Hukkah 32657
PP-290 Sardar Awais Ahmad Khan Leghari PML N  Tiger 43277
PP-291 Muhammad Ahmad Khan Leghari PML N  Tiger 38417
PP-292 Sardar Sher Afgan Gorchani PML N  Tiger 38596
PP-293 Sardar Sher Ali Gorchani PML N  Tiger 37784
PP-294 Sardar Pervaz Iqbal Gorchani PML N  Tiger 43648
PP-295 Abdul Aziz Khan PML N  Tiger 37884
PP-296 Sardar Muhammad Yousaf Dareshak PML N  Tiger 41402
PP-297 Khizar Hussain Mazari Ind  Hukkah 39206
Sindh Assembly Election Results 2024 Winners
Serial Candidate Name Party Name Party Symbol Votes
PS-1 Sher Muhammad Mugheri PPPP  Arrow 48229
PS-2 Sohrab Khan Sarki PPPP  Arrow 53298
PS-3 Mir Mumtaz Hussain Khan Ind  Charpai 39600
PS-4 Abdul Rauf Khosa PPPP  Arrow 58046
PS-5 Sardar Ghulam Abid PPPP  Arrow 31132
PS-6 Mehboob Ali Khan Bijarani PPPP  Arrow 86365
PS-7 Imtiaz Ahmed Shaikh PPPP  Arrow 60354
PS-8 Muhammad Arif Khan Mahar PPPP  Arrow 64016
PS-9 Agha Siraj Khan Durrani PPPP  Arrow 63760
PS-10 Faryal Talpur PPPP  Arrow 85917
PS-11 Jameel Ahmed PPPP  Arrow 41158
PS-12 Sohail Anwar PPPP  Arrow 54077
PS-13 Adil Altaf Unar PPPP  Arrow 89662
PS-14 Mir Nadir Ali Magsi PPPP  Arrow 38473
PS-15 Nisar Ahmed Khuhro PPPP  Arrow 44810
PS-16 Sardar Khan Chandio PPPP  Arrow 38057
PS-17 Nawabzada Burhan Chandlo PPPP  Arrow 43885
PS-18 Jam Mahtab Hussain Dahar Ind  Bottle 57143
PS-19 Nadir Akmal Khan Leghari Ind  Goat 55683
PS-20 Sardar Muhammad Bux Khan Mahar PPPP  Arrow 87431
PS-21 Ali Nawaz Khan Mahar PPPP  Arrow 63758
PS-22 Ikramullah Khan PPPP  Arrow 41828
PS-23 Syed Awais Qadir Shah PPPP  Arrow 69266
PS-24 Syed Farukh Ahmed Shah PPPP  Arrow 41235
PS-25 Nasir Hussain Shah Rizvi PPPP  Arrow 51792
PS-26 Syed Qaim Ali Shah PPPP  Arrow 63686
PS-27 Hallar Wassan PPPP  Arrow 91131
PS-28 Sajid Ali Banbhan PPPP  Arrow 59217
PS-29 Shiraz Shaukat Rajper PPPP  Arrow 69590
PS-30 Naeem Ahmed Kharal PPPP  Arrow 57000
PS-31 Syed Muhammad Rashid Shah GDA  Star 58091
PS-32 Sayed Sarfraz Hussain Shah PPPP  Arrow 60322
PS-33 Syed Hassan Ali Shah PPPP  Arrow 60617
PS-34 Mumtaz Ali PPPP  Arrow 52385
PS-35 Zia Ul Hassan PPPP  Arrow 80464
PS-36 Azra Fazal Pechuho PPPP  Arrow 75260
PS-37 Javeed Iqbal PPPP  Arrow 70383
PS-38 Ghulam Qadir Chandio PPPP  Arrow 66121
PS-39 Bahadur Khan Dahri PPPP  Arrow 69876
PS-40 Ghulam Dastagir GDA  Star 56345
PS-41 Ali Hassan PPPP  Arrow 63750
PS-42 Jam Shabbir Ali Khan PPPP  Arrow 58383
PS-43 Paras Dero PPPP  Arrow 67851
PS-44 Shahid Thahim PPPP  Arrow 60385
PS-45 Hari Ram PPPP  Arrow 33197
PS-46 Syed Zulfiqar Ali Shah PPPP  Arrow 51656
PS-47 Noor Ahmed Bhurgri PPPP  Arrow 56522
PS-48 Tarique Ali PPPP  Arrow 66002
PS-49 Syed Sardar Ali Shah PPPP  Arrow 50204
PS-50 Syed Ameer Ali Shah PPPP  Arrow 61386
PS-51 Muhammad Taimur Talpur PPPP  Arrow 58958
PS-52 Dost Muhammad PPPP  Arrow 69616
PS-53 Muhammad Qasim PPPP  Arrow 73302
PS-54 Faqeer Sher Muhammad Bilalani PPPP  Arrow 69088
PS-55 Arbab Lutfullah PPPP  Arrow 107552
PS-56 Makdoom Mehboob Zaman PPPP  Arrow 72178
PS-57 Makhdoom Fakhar Zaman PPPP  Arrow 52175
PS-58 Syed Zia Abbas Shah PPPP  Arrow 57217
PS-59 Imdad Ali Pitafi PPPP  Arrow 62771
PS-60 Jam Khan Shoro PPPP  Arrow 37538
PS-61 Sharjeel Inam PPPP  Arrow 63079
PS-62 Sabir Hussain MQM Pakistan  Kite 24385
PS-63 Muhammad Rehan Rajput IND-PTI  Laptop 40306
PS-64 Muhammad Rashid Khan MQM Pakistan  Kite 35235
PS-65 Nasir Hussain Qureshi MQM Pakistan  Kite 23184
PS-66 Syed Aijaz Hussain Shah PPPP  Arrow 47649
PS-67 Khurram Karim Soomro PPPP  Arrow 51886
PS-68 Muhammad Halepota PPPP  Arrow 63348
PS-69 Mir Allah Bux Talpur PPPP  Arrow 38759
PS-70 Arbab Amir Amanullah PPPP  Arrow 44126
PS-71 Taj Muhammad PPPP  Arrow 41134
PS-72 Muhammad Ismail Rahoo PPPP  Arrow 39849
PS-73 Shah Hussain Shah Sheerazi PPPP  Arrow 72942
PS-74 Muhammad Ali Malkani PPPP  Arrow 83900
PS-75 Riaz Hussain Shah Sheerazi PPPP  Arrow 80744
PS-76 Ali Hassan PPPP  Arrow 71408
PS-77 Murad Ali Shah PPPP  Arrow 74613
PS-78 Sikandar Ali Shoro PPPP  Arrow 51188
PS-79 Malik Sikander Khan PPPP  Arrow 42959
PS-80 Abdul Aziz Junejo PPPP  Arrow 52131
PS-81 Fayaz Ali Butt PPPP  Arrow 54338
PS-82 Pir Mujeeb Ul Haq PPPP  Arrow 44565
PS-83 Pir Syed Salih Shah Jilani PPPP  Arrow 48944
PS-84 Muhammad Yousuf Baloch PPPP  Arrow 25348
PS-85 Muhammad Sajid PPPP  Arrow 27791
PS-86 Abdul Razzaq Raja PPPP  Arrow 15017
PS-87 Mahmood Alam Jamot PPPP  Arrow 19220
PS-88 Aijaz Khan IND-PTI  Racket 17580
PS-89 Muhammad Saleem PPPP  Arrow 25326
PS-90 Shariq Jamal MQM Pakistan  Kite 35609
PS-91 Muhammad Farooq JI  Scale 23499
PS-92 Wajid Hussain Khan IND-PTI  Still Camera 28276
PS-93 Sajid Hussain IND-PTI  Still Camera 20372
PS-94 Najam Mirza MQM Pakistan  Kite 24161
PS-95 Muhammad Farooq Awan PPPP  Arrow 16386
PS-96 Muhammad Owais IND-PTI  Cricket Stumps 16997
PS-97 Shoukat Ali MQM Pakistan  Kite 4997
PS-98 Arsalan Perwaiz MQM Pakistan  Kite 13903
PS-99 Syed Farhan Ansari MQM Pakistan  Kite 26658
PS-100 Syed Muhammad Usman MQM Pakistan  Kite 21970
PS-101 Moid Anver MQM Pakistan  Kite 43080
PS-102 Muhammad Aamir Siddiqui MQM Pakistan  Kite 25330
PS-103 Faisal Rafiq MQM Pakistan  Kite 15870
PS-104 Muhammad Daniyal MQM Pakistan  Kite 30465
PS-105 Saeed Ghani PPPP  Arrow 26168
PS-106 Sajjad Ali IND-PTI  Dhol 20658
PS-107 Muhammad Yousuf PPPP  Arrow 26902
PS-108 Muhammad Dilawar MQM Pakistan  Kite 20014
PS-109 Bilal Hussain Khan Jadoon IND-PTI  Dhol 27854
PS-110 Rehan Bandukda IND-PTI  Dhol 47450
PS-111 Liaquat Ali Askani PPPP  Arrow 29396
PS-112 Sirbuland Khan IND-PTI  Table 16287
PS-113 Fahim Ahmed MQM Pakistan  Kite 24465
PS-114 Muhammad Shabbir IND-PTI  Table 21531
PS-115 Shah Nawaz Jadoon IND-PTI  Table 20609
PS-116 Ali Ahmad PPPP  Arrow 7085
PS-117 Sheikh Abdullah MQM Pakistan  Kite 11154
PS-118 Nasee Ahmed MQM Pakistan  Kite 9740
PS-119 Ali Khurshidi MQM Pakistan  Kite 22424
PS-120 Muhammad Mazahir Amir MQM Pakistan  Kite 35789
PS-121 Ejaz Ul Haque MQM Pakistan  Kite 26454
PS-122 Rehan Akram MQM Pakistan  Kite 48170
PS-123 Abdul Waseem MQM Pakistan  Kite 17526
PS-124 Abdul Basit MQM Pakistan  Kite 31035
PS-125 Syed Adil Askari MQM Pakistan  Kite 63812
PS-126 Muhammad Iftikhar Alam MQM Pakistan  Kite 38729
PS-127 Muhammad Maaz Mehmoob MQM Pakistan  Kite 23493
PS-128 Talha Ahmed Khan MQM Pakistan  Kite 34417
PS-129 Naeem Ur Rehman Khan JI  Scale 26296
PS-130 Jamal Ahmed MQM Pakistan  Kite 38884
KPK Assembly Election Results 2024 Winners
Serial Candidate Name Party Name Party Symbol Votes
PK-1 Suriya Bibi IND-PTI  Hen 18914
PK-2 Fateh Ul Mulk Ali Nasir IND-PTI  Pomegranate 28510
PK-3 Sharafat Ali IND-PTI  Pressure Cooker 25170
PK-4 Ali Shah IND-PTI  Khussa 30022
PK-5 Akhtar Khan IND-PTI  Bottle 24055
PK-6 Fazal Hakim Khan IND-PTI  Roller Of Wood 25330
PK-7 Amjad Ali IND-PTI  Tawa 25129
PK-8 Hamid Ur Rehman IND-PTI  Tongs 33152
PK-9 Sultan Room IND-PTI  Green Chilli 28525
PK-10 Muhammad Naeem IND-PTI  Frying Pan 21681
PK-11 Gul Ibrahim Khan IND-PTI  Teapot 20130
PK-12 Muhammad Yamin IND-PTI  Magnifying Glass 23915
PK-13 Muhammad Anwar Khan IND-PTI  Charpai 32043
PK-14 Mohammad Azam Khan IND-PTI  Clock 31200
PK-15 Humayun Khan IND-PTI  Clock 31346
PK-16 Shafi Ullah IND-PTI  Clock 31208
PK-17 Izazul Mulk JI  Scale 25124
PK-18 Liaqat Ali Khan IND-PTI  Clock 24625
PK-19 Hamid Ur Rehman IND-PTI  Clock 23044
PK-20 Wahid Gul JI  Scale 13039
PK-21 Sardar Khan JI  Scale 16844
PK-23 Shakeel Ahmad IND-PTI  Dolphin 51939
PK-24 Musavir Khan IND-PTI  Clock 43193
PK-25 Riaz Khan IND-PTI  Clock 28490
PK-26 Syed Fakher Jehan IND-PTI  Charpai 26782
PK-27 Abdul Kabir Khan IND-PTI  Hand Pump 27821
PK-28 Muhammad Rashad Khan PML N  Tiger 17172
PK-29 Abdul Munim IND-PTI  Pomegranate 14255
PK-30 Ibad Ullah Khan PML N  Tiger 14221
PK-31 Satbar Khan Ind  Charpai 9185
PK-32 Sajjad Ullah JUI F  Book 13826
PK-33 Muhammad Riaz Ind  Sickle 7118
PK-34 Shah Hussain Khan JUI F  Book 11628
PK-35 Taj Muhammad IND-PTI  Clock 24142
PK-36 Munir Hussain IND-PTI  Sickle 55074
PK-37 Babbar Saleem Swati IND-PTI  Tap 35213
PK-38 Zahid Chanzeb IND-PTI  Laptop 38804
PK-39 Ikram Ullah IND-PTI  Spoon 23853
PK-40 Sardar Shahjehan Yousaf PML N  Tiger 44012
PK-41 Laiq Muhammad Khan Ind  Aeroplane 11059
PK-42 Nazir Ahmed Abbasi Ind  Peacock 35443
PK-43 Rajab Ali Khan Abbasi Ind  Sickle 41242
PK-44 Iftikhar Ahmed Khan Jadoon Ind  Pressure Cooker 34867
PK-45 Mushtaq Ahmed Ghani Ind  Kettle 50143
PK-46 Akbar Ayub Khan IND-PTI  Dove 68835
PK-47 Raja Faisal Zaman Ind  Charpai 24620
PK-48 Malik Adeel Iqbal IND-PTI  Tap 41777
PK-49 Rangez Ahmad IND-PTI  Dove 36692
PK-50 Aqib Ullah Khan IND-PTI  Peacock 40870
Pk-51 Abdul Karim IND-PTI  Kettle 39653
PK-52 Faisal Khan IND-PTI  Clock 42269
PK-53 Murtaza Khan IND-PTI  Bowl 40825
PK-54 Zarshad Khan IND-PTI  Tap 42754
PK-55 Tufail Anjum Ind  Pillow 41084
PK-56 Ameer Farzand Khan Ind  Charpai 33430
PK-57 Muhammad Zahir Shah Ind  Aeroplane 34437
PK-58 Muhammad Abdul Salam Ind  Air Conditioner 38126
PK-59 Tariq Mehmood Aryani Ind  Wheel Chair 28349
PK-60 Iftikhar Ali Mashwani Ind  Feather 29186
PK-61 Ihtisham Ali Ind  Dove 32984
PK-62 Khalid Khan Ind  Kettle 29402
PK-63 Arshad Ali S/O Sajeed Gul Ind  Dove 35273
PK-64 Iftikhar Ullah Jan Ind  Charpai 39538
PK-65 Fazal Shakoor Khan Ind  Racket 43103
PK-66 Muhammad Arif Ind  Clock 33155
PK-67 Mahboob Sher Ind  Cricket Stumps 15127
PK-68 Muhammad Israr S/O Subedar Khan Ind  Racket 20690
PK-69 Muhammad Adnan Qadri IND-PTI  Bowl 25596
PK-70 Muhammad Sohail Afridi Ind  Clock 31649
PK-71 Abdul Ghani S/O Muhammad Khan Ind  Transformer 15061
PK-72 karamat Ullah Khan PPPP  Arrow 18527
PK-73 Arbab Muhammad Waseem Khan PTIP  Turban 21949
PK-74 Ijaz Muhammad JUI F  Book 45959
PK-75 Arbab Muhammad Usman Khan ANP  Lantern 44564
PK-76 Sami Ullah Khan Ind  Charpai 18888
PK-77 Sher Ali Afridi Ind  Clock 30544
PK-78 Zahir Khan PML N  Tiger 22559
PK-79 Jalal Khan PML N  Tiger 16031
PK-80 Arbab Zarak Khan PPPP  Arrow 23311
PK-81 Syed Qasim Ali Shah Ind  Traffic Signal 44310
PK-82 Malik Tariq Awan Ind  Cricket Stumps 20334
PK-83 Meena Khan Ind  Wheel Barrow 38117
PK-84 Fazal Elahi IND-PTI  Badge 25850
PK-85 Zar Alam Khan IND-PTI  Dove 32075
PK-86 Muhammad Idrees IND-PTI  Feather 38030
PK-87 Khaliq Ur Rehman IND-PTI  Dove 44762
PK-88 Mian Muhammad Umar IND-PTI  Badge 38384
PK-89 Ashfaq Ahmad IND-PTI  Key Chain 30416
PK-90 Aftab Alam Afridi IND-PTI  Brinjal 45358
PK-92 Shafi Ullah Jan IND-PTI  Phole Gobi 42254
PK-93 Shah Abu Turab Khan Bangash IND-PTI  Badge 31136
PK-94 Aurangzeb Khan IND-PTI  Human Eye 18648
PK-95 Muhammad Riaz JUI F  Book 29379
PK-96 Ali Hadi Ind  Pomegranate 38593
PK-97 Muhammad Khurshid IND-PTI  Parachute 51739
PK-98 Muhammad Sajjad IND-PTI  Transformer 37160
PK-99 Zahid Ullah Khan IND-PTI  Peacock 27792
PK-100 Pakhtoon Yar Khan IND-PTI  Bowl 30925
PK-101 Adnan Khan JUI F  Book 25513
PK-102 Akram Khan Durrani JUI F  Book 39061
PK-103 Muhammad Iqbal Khan PTIP  Turban 24229
PK-104 Naik Muhammad Khan IND-PTI  Brick 11281
PK-105 Johar Muhammad IND-PTI  Phole Gobhi 36757
PK-106 Hisham Inam Ullah Khan Ind  Transformer 32268
PK-107 Tariq Saeed IND-PTI  Oil Stove 34400
PK-108 Muhammad Usman IND-PTI  Cricket Stumps 42611
PK-109 Asif Khan IND-PTI  Cricket Stumps 11519
PK-110 Ajjab Gul IND-PTI  Table 12525
PK-111 Makhdoom Zada Muhammad Aftab Haider JUI F  Book 41052
PK-112 Ahmad Kundi PPPP  Arrow 33312
PK-113 Ali Amin Khan IND-PTI  Queen 35454
PK-114 Lutf Ur Rehman JUI F  Book 30291
PK-115 Ehsan Ullah Khan PPPP  Arrow 31861
Balochistan Assembly Election Results 2024 Winners
Serial Candidate Name Party Name Party Symbol Votes
PB-1 Muhammad Nawaz JUI F  Book 14183
PB-2 Fazal Qadar JUI F  Book 11453
PB-3 Noorullah Ind  Clock 24680
PB-4 Sardar Abdul Rehman Khetran PML N  Tiger 24172
PB-5 Muhammad Khan Son of Mekhtar PML N  Tiger 14424
PB-6 Masood Ali Khan PML N  Tiger 10377
PB-7 Khalil Ur Rehman JUI F  Book 25256
PB-8 Sardar Sarfaraz Chakar Domki PPPP  Arrow 27677
PB-9 Mir Naseeb Ullah Khan PPPP  Arrow 5888
PB-10 Sarfraz Ahmed Bugti PPPP  Arrow 52485
PB-11 Nawabzada Tariq Magsi BAP  Cow 44556
PB-12 Mir Muhammad Asim Kurd PML N  Tiger 22557
PB-13 Mir Muhammad Sadiq Umrani PPPP  Arrow 14856
PB-14 Muhammad Khan PML N  Tiger 22639
PB-15 Saleem Ahmed PML N  Tiger 24619
PB-16 Abdul Majeed JI  Scale 15248
PB-17 Faisal Khan Jamali PPPP  Arrow 28333
PB-18 Sardar Sana Ullah Zehri PPPP  Arrow 20014
PB-19 Shakeel Ahmed Durrani PPPP  Arrow 15206
PB-20 Muhammad Akhtar Mengal BNP  Axe 28097
PB-21 Muhammad Saleh Bhootani BAP  Cow 30910
PB-22 Jam Kamal Khan PML N  Tiger 38562
PB-23 Khair Jan NP  Saw 15635
PB-24 Hidayat Ur Rehman HDT  Rabbit 20925
PB-25 Zahoor Ahmed Buledi PPPP  Arrow 9099
PB-26 Abdul Malik NP  Saw 14004
PB-27 Barkat Ali PML N  Tiger 15552
PB-28 Muhammad Asghar Rind PPPP  Arrow 7090
PB-29 Asad Ullah BNP-A  Camel 7263
PB-30 Rehmat Ali NP  Saw 9690
PB-31 Zabid Ali JUI F  Book 17058
PB-32 Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani BAP  Cow 19091
PB-33 Mir Shoaib Nusherwani PML N  Tiger 11207
PB-34 Mir Ghulam Dastagir Badini JUI F  Book 16771
PB-35 Mir Zafarullah Khan Zehri JUI F  Book 16579
PB-36 Mir Zia Ullah BAP  Cow 14670
PB-37 Nawab Muhammad Khan Shawani Ind  Clock 13668
PB-38 Malik Naeem Khan Bazai ANP  Lantern 7792
PB-39 Bakhat Muhammad Ind  Aeroplane 6618
PB-40 Samad Khan PPPP  Arrow 9225
PB-41 Wali Muhammad Ind  Aeroplane 9318
PB-42 Zarak Khan PML N  Tiger 10423
PB-43 Liaqat Ali Ind  Goat 7277
PB-44 Ubaid Ullah PPPP  Arrow 7125
PB-45 Ali Madad PPPP  Arrow 5671
PB-46 Prince Ahmed Omar Ahmedzai BAP  Cow 4638
PB-47 Asfand Yar Khan Kakar Ind  Bowl 21714
PB-48 Asghar Ali Tareen JUI F  Book 17944
PB-49 Syed Zafar Ali JUI F  Book 13811
PB-50 Zamarak Khan ANP  Lantern 44712
PB-51 Abdul Khaliq Khan Ind  Clock 20390
National Assembly NA Election Results 2024

Election Results 2024 Punjab Assembly